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We help people and small businesses with their everyday technology problems, and some that don’t happen every day.

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About Us

Techsply is an independently owned and operated technology services provider in Toronto.

We’re not reliant on store-based sales and exist to support the technology you already own. This impartiality allows us to provide an amazing quality of service with no hidden agenda.

Best of all, we work on-site; wherever you work. There’s no need to bring your tech to us – we’ll come to you at the most convenient time.

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We help individuals and small businesses with their everyday technology headaches, as well as some we’re glad don’t happen everyday! We can:

How We Work


Our Services

Our approach to pricing is fair and transparent; if we can’t resolve your problem there’ll be no charge.

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Level 1 Support


  • Fix slow performance/perform a tune-up
  • Fix “unable to connect to the internet” errors
  • Setup a new wired printer
  • more…
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Level 2 Support


  • Removal of viruses, spyware & adware
  • Installation/upgrade of operating system
  • Setup a Wi-Fi router or access point
  • more…
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Level 3 Support


  • Reinstallation of operating system with backup
  • Installation of multiple new components
  • Backup of system and personal files
  • more…
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Whether you’re experiencing problems with your computer, printer or network, we're here to help. Our Techsperts are certified in the repair of computer hardware, software and peripherals, and in the installation and maintenance of wired and wireless networks.

Viruses, spyware, adware & pop-ups

On a daily basis we see systems that are infected with viruses, trojans and spyware - there have never been so many malicious pieces of software around!

If you have a correctly configured system which receives regular updates and security patches then you're better protected from these common threats. We can help to stop these threats as well as offering you some safer surfing tips.

Troublesome software

In the majority of cases a computer problem turns out to be software related. These problems are often caused when unfriendly software is installed then removed. They can also be caused by incompatible drivers or software.

Due to the complexity of operating systems, the companies who develop them release regular updates to fix errors and potential security vulnerabilities in the original software. It's important to be using a correctly confugured device that receives regular updates.

Troublesome hardware

Some components wear out with use over time and simply need to be replaced. Any peripheral devices such as printers and scanners can fail to work correctly for many reasons.

We use industy approved techniques to diagnose, troubleshoot and remedy problems. If a part needs to be replaced, we'll advise on what we believe to be the most suitable options. In most cases we can fix or source and install an alternative component.

Improved performance & reliability

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate, and it's possible that the top of the range PC purchased 1 year ago is struggling to do what you want it to.

The good news is, you don't have to buy a new one to benefit from the latest technology. It's often a simple case of upgrading some of the internal components.

We offer a full upgrade service to best suite your needs and pocket.


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General Inquiries

If you have a general question, want to make a suggestion or give us your secret family recipe for chocolate chip cookies, then this is the place for that. A member of our customer care team will review your message and get straight back to you.

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Techspert Support

Technology woes? Tell us as much as you can about the problem you're experiencing and one of our Techsperts will get straight back to you.

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